Northern Valley Dairy Production Medicine Center
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Consultation Services
We strive to offer the best in veterinary care while considering animal well-being and farm economics.  We are willing to travel beyond SE MN to provide many of these services.  If you are looking for a service not listed, please call and ask.
Northern Valley Dairy Production Medicine Center Services
Reproductive Services 
We provide medical and surgical services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Our doctors are experienced in diagnosis, medical treatment, surgery, obstetrics, and necropsies, utilizing the latest methods and tools.  Most procedures are performed on farm.

Microbiology Laboratory Services (mastitis culturing and more)
Animal Health Store & Pharmacy
On-Farm Technician Services
Medical  & Surgical Services
A variety of consulting services are offered, including but not limited to:
  • Herd management (youngstock and adult)
  • Record analysis and trouble-shooting
  • Milk  quality and mastitis prevention
  • Milking system and milking routine analysis
  • Vaccination programs and biosecurity
  • Treatment protocols
  • ​Facility expansion or improvement (ventilation, cow comfort, building design)
  • On-farm employee education and training
  • Cow and calf disease investigations
  • Regulatory work (health papers, TB testing, etc.)
  • Nutrition evaluation and testing
Reproduction should be more than just pregnancy diagnosis.  Our veterinarians can optimize your program by offering the following services:
  • Pregnancy diagnosis by palpation
  • Ultrasound - early pregnancy diagnosis, twin identification, fetal sexing, ovarian analysis
  • Reproductive program design
  • Breeding soundness exam and semen evaluation for bulls
  • Castration
We have a full service in-house laboratory for microbiology, parasitology, and clinical pathology.  We are also able to send samples off to other laboratories as needed.  See our laboratory page for more detailed information on the testing we offer.
 Our large animal assistant can provide many services which do not require a veterinarian at a lower billing rate, including:
  • Blood draws
  • Dehorning
  • Castrations
  • Vaccinations
  • Posilac and reproductive hormone injections
  • Genomic test sample collection
  • Milk sample collection
You can purchase animal drugs and supplies at our office or order and have the items shipped directly to your farm.  You may call, fax, or email orders to us.  Generally, orders placed before noon will arrive next business day on farm.  

*(A valid vet-client-patient relationship is required for prescription drug sales)
Food Armor Certification
Interested in decreasing your farm's risk of drug residues in meat or milk and demonstrating your dedication to producing safe food products?  If yes, consider becoming Food Armor certified.  This program uses a specific approach called HACCP to reduce drug residue risk and encourage proper drug use on farm.  Becoming certified requires the producer, the farm veterinarian, and a Food Armor accredited veterinarian to work together to complete the certification process.  Dr. Borst is Food Armor certified in our office.  For more information, call our office and ask to speak to Dr. Borst, or visit
Other Species 
Although our focus is on dairy cattle, we also have expertise in working with other species, including goats, sheep, deer, elk, llamas, alpacas, bison, and beef cattle.  Our services include but are not limited to:
  • Medical and surgical services
  • Pregnancy diagnosis
  • Ultrasound
  • Processing (castration, vaccination, deworming)
  • Breeding soundness exam and semen evaluation for bulls