Dairy Production Medicine Center

Northern Valley Dairy Production Medicine Center ®  900 N. Wabasha, Plainview, MN  55964
900 N. Wabasha, Plainview, Minnesota 55964                               (507) 534-4356
Our Mission
  •To help successful dairy and beef producers achieve their goals by providing progressive production medicine services, products, and expertise.

Our Values
  •We believe in leading the industry. 
  •We are dedicated to providing quality, ethical, and innovative services, and to provide leading edge information  and knowledge to our clients.
  •We strive to provide excellent customer service.
  •We have a strong commitment to continuing education for our staff and for our clients. 

​Our Vision
  •To be the major source of quality veterinary services, knowledgeable consulting services, leading-edge information, and appropriate, reasonably priced animal health products in our area.
We are SE MN’s source for up-to-date expertise in dairy production and dairy medicine.
We have been in business since 1981. Our practice office is located in Plainview, Minnesota, in the dairy belt of southeastern Minnesota. Our office staff have lots of dairy experience and are here to help you. They will take your product orders, schedule farm calls, perform laboratory tasks, answer account questions, and more.  Meet Our Staff Page
Production Medicine

In the 1980s some leading veterinarians began to use the term “production medicine”. They felt that veterinarians should look at the health of the dairy enterprise instead of just the health of individual cows. This holistic approach proved very successful in helping dairy producers nationally. Since then many veterinarians have become competent in areas including nutrition, record analysis, milking systems, financial management, employee training, and others that directly affect the health and profitability of the dairy enterprise.  At NVDPMC, we embraced this shift in thinking early on. Our veterinarians are experienced in providing production medicine services.
Bovine Medicine & Surgery

We operate a full-service veterinary clinic with 24-hour emergency service. We understand that your cows do not operate on a 9-to-5 schedule. We are committed to quality, and to providing excellent customer service.  Our Services Page

On-Farm Vet. Tech. Services

Our large animal veterinary assistant, Paige Roberts, is proficient in Spanish and can provide many services which do not require a veterinarian, at a lower billing rate.   For details, see Our Services Page.
Reproductive Services Using Trans-Rectal Ultrasound

We utilize the latest in portable ultrasound equipment for reproductive services. This technology is very useful to help you get your cows pregnant on time. For more details, please see our Ultrasound Page.
Mastitis & Milk Quality

You want to sell a high quality product. You don’t want to treat or cull cows for mastitis. Mastitis is the second largest loss to most dairy farms. We can help you prevent mastitis, get clinical cows back in the line fast, and improve milk quality on your farm. For more information, please see our Milk Quality Page.

We operate an in-house laboratory for milk quality and other diagnostic testing. Services offered include individual cow mastitis cultures, bulk tank milk cultures, towel cultures, bedding cultures, water cultures, colostrum cultures, and more. Please see our Laboratory Page for more information on these services.
Record Analysis

As our dairies grow larger it becomes more important to have good records. However, as the amount of collected data grows, it can become difficult to extract useful information and find out if goals are being met. For years we have worked to help dairy producers analyze their records, make evidence-based decisions, problem-solve, and monitor responses to changes that have been implemented. 
Animal Health Store 

You can purchase animal drugs and supplies by two different methods. Many products are available at our Plainview office during our normal business hours. We also directly ship properly labeled products to your door, usually the next day. You may call, fax, or email orders to us. We believe in providing quality products at great prices with excellent customer service.  Animal Health Store Page
Office Hours
​Monday-Friday 7:30 AM - 5:00 PM
Saturday 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM
24-hour emergency service available.

Conveniently located on Minnesota Highway 42 on the north side of Plainview. Look for the cow on the sign! 
We are not just another veterinary clinic. Our goal is to assist dairy producers in building and maintaining profitable businesses. To that end, we provide numerous other services in addition to traditional cow medicine. Please explore our website for more detailed information on the services we offer. Briefly, our services include:

                                                        •Bovine medicine and surgery, with 24-hour emergency service
                                                        •Reproductive services, utilizing trans-rectal ultrasound
                                                        •Consulting and records analysis on all areas of dairy production
                                                        •Microbiology laboratory services (mastitis culturing and more)
                                                        •Animal health store and pharmacy
                                                        •Milking system and milking time analysis