Northern Valley Dairy Production Medicine Center
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Laboratory Services
Our in-house milk quality laboratory utilizes procedures standardized by the University of Minnesota and the National Mastitis Council. Quarterly, we participate in Cornell University's laboratory proficiency test. 

Before submitting samples for the first time, please call our office for detailed instructions on sample collection, labeling, and handling. 

Culturing Clinical Mastitis:

  • Our goal for individual cultures of quarters with clinical mastitis is to provide rapid results for use in culture-based treatment. We determine the organism causing the infection and report results for use in selecting treatment. 
  • Preliminary results can be reported at 24 hours after plating, if desired. Final results will be reported at approximately 48 hours. Results can be reported by: phone, email, fax, or Google Drive. 
  • Individual cow milk samples that cannot be delivered to our office within 12 hours of collection should be frozen. 
  • Samples arriving within 12 hours should be refrigerated. 
  • In order for samples to be plated on the same day of submission, frozen samples should arrive by 2:00 pm and refrigerated samples by 3:00 pm. Samples received later are plated next day.  

Other Lab Services
  • In addition to milk quality lab services, we offer other in-house lab tests.  See below for these services.

Culture Tests
Other Tests (Same-Day Results)